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  • Date:2012-08-02

The applicant of relocation registration

  • The applicant of registration of movement shall be the person himself/herself or the head of family.
  • The interested persons.
  • The depository.

Documentary proof that applicant should prepare

  • Household registry.
  • National identity card.
  • Applicant's seal, national identity card.
  • For move in independent household conduct based on one of the following certifying document:
    1.For moving in self owned house or lending the house to other party without compensation, enclose house ownership document, latest one period house tax statement, latest six months buying and selling contract or other certifying paper that can be sufficient to prove its ownership.
    2.For moving in house rented from other party, enclose rental contract based on the name of self, spouse or direct blood relative or other certifying paper sufficient to prove the ownership.
    3.For moving into factory, shop, temple, institution, school or other public place, enclose letter of consent by household head, host or managing person.
    4.Submit receipt of water & electricity fee or gas within latest 6 months paid by moved in self party, spouse or direct blood relative (relative by marriage).
    5.For party with fact of residence but cannot provide the above certifying paper, process after investigation and confirmation by area duty police or Household Registration person.
  • For relocation of non-adult, if application is conducted by single side of father or mother, enclose letter of consent from the other party .
  • Letter of consignment.