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How do foreign adoptive parents of R.O.C. citizen children file for termination of adoptive relationship?

(I) Application Process: The adoptive parents must apply through the child's district Household Registration Office. When the adopting parents are unable to apply in person ,they may appoint a representative by power of attorney (power of attorney established abroad must be notarized by an ROC embassy/consulate/trade office); that person with power of attorney must be approved by jurisdictional Household Registration Office. 3.The child's shall regent to his/her birth name, the full names of the adoptive parent shall be deredistered. (II) Required Documents: Applicant's identification and seal (or signature). The child's household registry and R.O.C. identification (except in cases where ROC ID has not been issued). Legal documentation certifying termination of adopting which is recognized by R.O.C. and foreign laws. (Those filing abroad must have documentation notarized by an R.O.C. embassy/consulate/trade office).

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